Drone Footage of the First Earth Haven Project

Welcome to Earth Haven. Earth Haven is a new innovative movement online to make a BIG impact on this world, where the many unite as one and to within this make a Monthly Pledge with Earth Haven. All the money is put together for which the funds will then be used according to the current mission's projects and the Vision.

Patreon allows everything to be open and Visible, Earth Haven will be focussing on buying land and setting up self-sustainable communities all around the world, Earth Haven will purchase land such as forests, savanna, beaches name them all, to protect them, Earth Haven will create teams to do specific tasks to enrich the environment and the world. Together we can become a Millionaire, individually we are poor and cannot make an impact that actually matters within the scale of the world and what is required. Follow this link to see more. - https://www.patreon.com/earthhaven  - become a Patron and get your own tree. Support LIFE, this isn't your Ordinary usual movement you see for "change" or with changing coming in the future. This is happening right now. You can see it, you are making it so by supporting Earth Haven.

Here is the link to Become a Member of Earth Haven - https://www.patreon.com/earthhaven


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