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Rain Water Tanks Project up and running - Earth havenThe Mission

Rain Water Tanks Project - Up and Running

We recently got a donation of 6 five thousand liters tanks from Mike Macdonald, Canada.

Thus we had to push, this meant, getting in help (labor) to start laying out the areas and leveling the ground to stand the tanks on. This is an essential part, before placing the tanks where they will be located to collect water. as each tank can hold 5000L of water, the pressure of the tank on the ground can push the tank to stand skew if the surface isn't leveled, and that's not all. with the weight of the tank, it is essential to make sure the surface it is standing on can actually give the tanks way to push and level themselves into the ground gently, without any rocks that can potentially damage the tank from underneath.  Also to always consider is the weather, if it is possible to work on the specific project that day depending on what requires to be done. this consideration is very important.

As this was a quick job we had to do, we weren…

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