Monday, 23 January 2017

Rain Water Tanks Project up and running - Earth havenThe Mission

 Rain Water Tanks Project - Up and Running

We recently got a donation of 6 five thousand liters tanks from Mike Macdonald, Canada.

Thus we had to push, this meant, getting in help (labor) to start laying out the areas and leveling the ground to stand the tanks on. This is an essential part, before placing the tanks where they will be located to collect water. as each tank can hold 5000L of water, the pressure of the tank on the ground can push the tank to stand skew if the surface isn't leveled, and that's not all. with the weight of the tank, it is essential to make sure the surface it is standing on can actually give the tanks way to push and level themselves into the ground gently, without any rocks that can potentially damage the tank from underneath.  Also to always consider is the weather, if it is possible to work on the specific project that day depending on what requires to be done. this consideration is very important.

As this was a quick job we had to do, we weren't able to install them within their utmost potential - this is building platforms first that stands at least 60cm above ground. This is to have easy access to the water outlet to fill bottles and to add a tap, and most of all, to have gravity that helps with pressure to move the water around.

We did this quick job on the tanks and securing all basics to place them and install them, due to drought in our area and water/rainfall being limited, and winter coming soon where we will have no rain. The tanks have already filled (all six of them) about 10cm. This isn't a lot at all, but more rain is predicted in the times to come. so hopefully we will have water collected in that time for when we set our first Greenhouse Tunnel. This is estimated to be by next month. so stay tuned for the exciting times ahead.

Here are the things to consider in terms of practicality and Price.

Each Tank costs around R4500 to R5500. We got six donated.

Delivery isn't always Free - thus a cost to consider, out of the quotes we got, delivery is estimated around R3000 for these six tanks. But we were lucky and got the delivery for free, due to doing MORE research and not just accepting the first thing that was given to us.

Labour - Here you have to consider labor, if you are going to install the tanks alone, it will take you about a month if not more to do it all properly with stands. and thus a lot of time not spend on anything else.  So, always consider, who can help and that needs help financially, and see if your money can also support someone else while supporting you to get something done that will support a lot more things if done correctly and in time. Thus here in SA for this type of labor and current budget - I myself and two other guys were working on these tanks for 5 days - this is R750 each. Thus labor was R2250.

Transport - After the delivery of the tanks and placing them where they will be standing to collect water, you need to now connect them. thus transport into town and finding all the equipment you need, after taking the measurements and looking at the requirements in terms of pipes, connections, cutters and so forth. use common sense and ask a specialist, just make sure you know the measurements and distances between the tanks and the pipes to work from. Transport for a day trip costs - R200

Extra equipment - piping - the piping after all the measurements and finding the pipes and connections needed for 6 tanks - R1100

Here is the complete work.

Pipes are connected, everything
ng is sealed and leveled. The roofs that will be filling the Tanks are huge, this roof filling these three tanks is 200 square meters. Three more thanks are connected to another building with a roof almost the same size. These tanks will serve as winter reserves for drinking water, cooking water, and to water as many trees and plants as possible, plus running our soon to come Greenhouse Tunnel (which will be 12m by 9m and 3.6m high)

This project in total cost was R30550, which is around 2262$ thus far. 

 We still need to Build Shade covers over the tanks, this si to protect the tanks even more from sun and weather damage to help them last even longer than 25 years. This will be additional costs in the future, we also need to fence off each section with tanks to protect the pipes from any possible damages that can come in, such as children playing by the pipes, and even horses that will be grazing in our yards from time to time. this will add an additional cost.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have learned something, showing the practicality and the process of this one project to make it real for everyone to see what is actually involved in becoming self-sustainable. Money is obviously a big factor, and I have realized that this direction is still only for the Elite within this world. which is truly sad, and thus with each and every Earth Haven, we will set up self-sustainable communities that will GIVE to those that can not afford these things to better their lives and to live a life that supports the environment.

Please join Earth Haven, make your pledge and let us grow together. more such blogs and vlogs will be coming up to learn from as we progress in projects and the funding supports all the projects, till the mission is accomplished and then we can move on to the Vision. visit The fundraising page and see what the Mission is, and the Vision here -

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Earth Haven - People Fundraising the Future for themselves and others

Earth Haven Fundraising

Setting up self-sustainable communities anywhere in the world. By the people funding the Future.

All that is needed is for YOU to either want to set up your own community or join one. Get people to see that YOU want to do this. Ask them to make a Pledge on Patreon. Explain the process of the Mission and the Vision.

Let people understand that, instead of one person saving up money for a life time to create a self-sustainable community that supports the environment and other people. We can fund raise it collectively. All the money in one big pot.
The more people that join and support with a Pledge. The more and faster we can move.
This is simple mathematics. Nothing is complicated within getting this moving. The learning process takes time, but we learn as we go along, real time.

For example. Say you want to live a life that is with nature, away from the city and all the consumerism, but you have no way out. You are stuck in a day in and day out job. You earn just enough for daily living and some extras. There is no possible way of saving up or gathering money to buy land, to set it up, to create it into an environment that is best for everyone and in support of LIFE.

What can you do? It is a losing situation. But as we know, not everyone has a dream of leaving the city, some people enjoy it. So, why not Join Earth Haven, understanding that, if you Join Earth Haven and you SAY, I want to join a community that is set up in the future, or I want to set up a community in the future that others can join - You start gathering ALL your friends and Family to support Earth Haven to collect the funds to make this possible for YOU and others. All they have to do, each one, is pledge 5$ (R70) a month, or more, depends on how much they want to support you with. and so, if You gather TEN people supporting Earth Haven, that is a total of 50$ already that will be a monthly pledge going to YOUR future Earth Haven (self-sustainable community) and so, if Each and every person that wants to either set up a community or simply Join one, gets 10 or 20 people to sign up with Earth Haven, we are now gathering money much faster than by ourselves, to one at a time, set up these communities, buying land, setting up the infrastructures, learning the processes, and developing the land and ourselves to that of support for those to join and the earth.
For those that do not want to Create or Join an Earth haven, will support Earth Haven by making a monthly pledge because they understand the benefits of self-sustainable living in today's consumerism setup and what support is needed for the earth and all inhabitants of the earth.

Remember, ANY amount that anyone can pledge to Earth Haven within its Mission and Vision is adding to everyone cause, for either creating a community or joining a community. Ultimately the benefit such communities bring to LIFE.

No matter where you are within the world. Know that through Earth Haven, through thousands funding each project by contributing a little bit, we can do this effectively and efficiently. After the FIRST Earth Haven is complete, all funds will go to the next one, and so we continue.

Thus, if you truly want to set up your own community that others cna join, or just to join a community once it is set up. Be practical , be realistic with how much money Earth Haven needs to collect per month to make it all happen, and so MOVE accordingly by doing your part to get the people you know to Support YOU, Earth, the future, self-sustainability by adding a monthly Pledge to Earth Haven.

Thus in a simple example of this can move forward effectively.
If 10 people wants to create their own Earth Havens through Earth havens funding, and 200 people simply want to join a community once it is set up. that means, 210 people needs to become passionate to support EACHOTHER to make this come to life, through each one getting at least 20 people in their lives to pledge to Earth Haven, so you will have 210 people times 20 which equals (let’s say each person pledges 30$ (1 dollar a day)) that is 126000$ per month. With that, we can do this easily. Saving suddenly is easy, to set up 10 Earth Havens that will support 210 passionate people that will create, live and maintain the Earth Havens and living a self-sustainable life, plus obviously, a whole different LIFE style that is in support of life, by giving as you have received.

Thus, if you truly want to set up your own community that others can join, or just to join a community once it is set up. Be practical , be realistic with how much money Earth Haven needs to collect per month to make it all happen, and so MOVE accordingly by doing your part to get the people you know to Support YOU, Earth, the future, self-sustainability by adding a monthly Pledge to Earth Haven. Click on the donate Button to go to the website where all this is taking place.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Earth Haven’s – See the Bigger Picture in a Picture

 This is a Scale example of what is possible for all Future earth havens.

See the picture for more context 

According to researchers done, to live a sustainable life per person, each person must have at least about 7500 square feet of land that is usable. This space is per person, but as the people increase the amount of land also decreases, same as when we buy for two people or for 20, going bulk makes things a bit cheaper/less if we are doing it sustainable and not within the consumption mind set.

Thus for 20 Families to live and be self-sustainable on 150 Ha including homes, food etc. a Total of 60Ha is required.

All earth Havens will be attempted to be bought and built in areas in need, so that once the Earth Haven within the area is up and running, what is created within the Earth Haven will naturally spread to those in need, and even in time as the Earth Haven mature, expand and include those in need into the community. 

All Earth Havens will expand as money comes in, to become bigger and include more and more people and give more and more back to nature. As to empower the human within his actual role as a custodian of earth and to practically live that. 

The Village is a Total of 7 Hectare, this will be the space where everyone will be living, thus houses and creative/entertainment areas/centers, and all required buildings to make a good life possible, including educational setups for children who live on Earth Havens with their parents. They will have the option (preferred) to do Unschooling or home-schooling. The Style of living will change as we are implementing a sustainable living, not the traditional way where everyone is living far apart with walls in-between each other or massive patches of gardens and grass, everyone will have an entire farm together, the land to explore and live on, and so no need to take vast pieces of land to live on. Each Family, or single person, will have a house that is practical and spacious, perhaps two houses in one with a couple of houses a few stories up, connecting them all with bridges and walkways. We can be creative and see how effective and efficient we can use the land and yet remain practical. Take into consideration, The Land Earth Havens will be built on will not be a perfect clean and clear land from the get go, the idea is we purchase land that NEEDS to be rehabilitated and given back to the earth, to be set up and used within harmony with nature and life. So even if 20 Families are the consideration, if less or more is possible, then that will be done. 

10Ha will be for producing vegetables – ALL and any sorts of vegetables we can grow for a health diet within controlled environments, to not have to use any pesticides or chemicals, simply control the environment the vegetables are growing it with Greenhouses, and obviously the type of systems that are used to grow the vegetables within. which will be greenhouses to reduce any disease and sicknesses of the vegetables, such as Hydroponics, Aquaponics and soil growing, where we can implement technology such as the latest thing the FarmBot, to reduce water usage and to use water effectively, and yet have healthy and good vegetables on a consistent basis for consumption. The research and evidence has already been done where people are growing effectively tons of food a year in small areas, it is all about how we do this and to do it right. Labor is a thing of the past, and technology within a self-sustainable community is the future, we must use it. Any and all vegetables that are too much for consumption will be given to people that are in need on a weekly basis while it is fresh and good quality, we will deliberately over grow to give. These Green houses will also have a business side to them to supply the nearby towns or cities with 100% organic vegetables, and to have a different stream of income to support the growth of that community within the principles of an Earth haven. Thus benefiting ALL and everyone’s lives with healthy food.

10Ha will be for an Orchard – This area will also be controlled as to not to use any pesticides, to not harm the environment and yet have enough to feed a village all year round, here we are also looking at building many and separate greenhouses, they will be big and out of glass, to literally create a different climate and atmosphere for where each specific fruit can flourish within to have fruit all year round, and to be protected no matter what country the specific Earth Haven is within. Any and all Fruit that are too much for consumption will be given to people that are in need on a weekly basis while it is fresh and good quality, we will deliberately over grow to give. Thus on a 10Ha piece of land for fruits/nuts etc. there will be dozens of greenhouses, each with approximately 20 to 30 fruit trees in them. These Green houses will also have a business side to them to supply the nearby towns or cities with 100% organic fruit, and to have a different stream of income to support the growth of that community. Thus benefiting ALL and everyone’s lives with healthy food. And Cheap.

10Ha for Rehabilitation of Animal – This is a space that will be given to animals from the cities and towns that has been through the abuse from the system and left to suffer, Each and every Earth Haven will take in any animal within the given space to give a new life to the animals, from abuse to living. May it be birds, horses, donkeys, raccoons, dogs, cats, name them all, each Earth Haven will set up their 10Ha of land to fit the need of their location for the required animals. 

25Ha for Farm Animals – This space will be for farm animals, for the chickens, the goats, the cows, the pigs etc. to roam free within the space, of course within such space only a certain amount of grazing will be possible and thus according to that amount of land and to what farm animals the specific earth haven wants to keep will be calculated and thus applied. This Space of land serves the purpose of Organic meat for those that eat meat. Only the old Animals will be used for meat and thus any meat eater will be reducing their meat intake and rather eat more fruits and vegetables, Yet farm animals such as sheep, goats, cows and chickens with whom the people living on the Earth Haven’s will create a good relationship with, will have other nutrients/resources to share with the human, such as milk, to make cheese, and eggs from the chickens or materials such as wool from the sheep or feathers from the ducks, The relationships change as the life styles change of both the human and the animal. 

8Ha for wood/forestry – Wood is very important, for winters, fires and building, to plan out an area for growing specific wood to use for specific things within the size of the community is a very practical and cool thing to do, as to not take from nature the trees that provide homes for the animals, and to keep it at a minimum level to not abuse the land and the trees through over consuming. To learn how to use what is here practically and effectively, and to step out of the mentality of, I can waste and just buy it again, to actually develop a relationship with the process of life and how things actually work and thus improving our skills and understanding to actually start being aware, and thus care. Although all Buildings will be built out of Strong materials – such as bricks that can last hundreds of years. Wooden buildings aren’t very sustainable, the pyramids still stand and so does old castles, bricks and stone rule. Wood will be used as a fuel or for small creations such as desks, cupboard etc. Here also a Small Business can be created to have another income steam from the Earth Haven for the purpose of paying taxes and the expansion and growth of the property. 

50Ha for Wild Life Only – This piece of land will either already be wild, or it will be a previous agricultural land or a waste land or it will simply be dead land – Which then will be transformed through hard work, and reintroducing plant life and natural systems into the environment, which will over time attract all the usual bugs and birds and lizards  and small animals that once used to live there and roam there, and thus giving food, a home and security to nature, each Earth Haven and according to the location of the earth haven will obviously have to do research and see what is natural and how did it use to be there and to them implement such systems to bring nature back ad balance out life. This will also be something really cool, as nature and humans will have an opportunity to redesign the relationships that has been here for thousands of years, which has always been in separation, as nature versus man, where it now will be nature and man knowing each other, caring for each other, we must not only bring back nature, but we must include ourselves to make the relationship something it has never been before, where animals do not fear the human. Certain wild animals can also be introduced that cannot find their way in, that used to live and grow in the certain areas. These 50Ha pieces of land will have walkways and paths through it for the people within the village to travel through and visit and check up on their neighbors in nature, to intervene if there is a sickness or trouble, to take care of nature and to also not accept and allow suffering there. 

Each Earth Haven Will be running a volunteer program for those that want to take a year off of school or from college or just to get some life experience, to come and work on the Earth Haven for a few months or a year, for which the Volunteers will pay as to support the cause as they are supporting themselves. 

Our First Earth Haven is already here – it is but only 7Ha big, and not yet self-sustainable – this is where it starts. 150ha is the preferred size, but we can for our first earth havens do small ones, all over till we have the necessary support for thousands of people supporting Earth haven to get this first one done and then grow even more and more, and so we redesign Life like a cure cancer, spread everywhere. Through the people by the people. 

Support earth Haven, The Future, become a Guardian of earth and make your Pledge today for this Global project for LIFE, for nature, for the Humans, for animals. keep posted with all the coming blogs and vlogs. ANY and all pledges help, may it be 5 dollars or 100000 dollars a month, do not judge your amount, be counted in, in being a person that voted and acted for change. 

If a Million people read this blog and said YES lets do this, and a Million people each pledged monthly 5 dollars, we could do 12 earth Havens a Year. now ask yourself, why hasn't Billionaires and Millionaires even thought about this and done this? they have the money? - We can not wait for rich people to care and do something, we are the salt of the earth, thus we must scrape our power together and do it ourselves in spite of everything.  go and google how much a 150Ha farm costs in dollars, and then see what you can achieve easily with 5 million a month, but lets start with whats here, you and your contribution and so each one that contributes adds up, till we are Billionaires together and can move as one for change. 

This is showing you it is possible. We can do this. Together. If you read to all the way here, the  Click here to make your Pledge today --> HERE

Thank you.