7676 Endangered Species we know of - even popular species are endangered, here are a few!!

Without Wildlife we will perish.

This is happening at an alarming rate. I live in South Africa on a Farm right next to a 1200 hectare wildlife safari reserve and it is sad, the animals are left with mostly dots on the world map to call their home. We have fenced them and in these fences we kill them, they have no say, nowhere to go, we have the money, we have the guns, we have the consumer mind sets.
Agriculture, poaching and illegal animal trading are but some of the causes. Mainly, we the human are the cause and effect. I have in my time living right next to a Wildlife safari had seen, heard the poaching of many Rhinos, I have personally taken out dozens of illegal poaching snares and cages in the fields.
When I drive for hours hundreds and even thousands of kilometers across my country, all I can see is Human and all our activities, Earth has been domesticated and life as nature has become our personal menu to indulge within.
We will face the consequences that is not escapable. We can however, take action as a correction and take responsibility to change this world to a place that is best for all life.
Consider – Wildlife is the mechanism by which the earth functions – the same as how the body internally functions, we are not aware of ALL of it in detail, but every detail matters to the survival of the body/earth, remove one point and it unbalances everything, some animals can compensate and take the function of another animal that goes extinct, but that can only go on for so long.
Nature is the neglected part of earth’s existence as the human’s point of responsibility, and we all know what happens to what we neglect, it is being destroyed.
Here are a few pictures to share with you numbers of only some of the animals that are endangered right now.

Keep Going...

Ok - and then to show some Animals that aren't near any danger - and actually ALSO animal abuse, which is pets and how Cats and Dogs are abused for profit and consumerism, genetically being mutated to create products for people. This also needs to end.

Last but not least - a Solution I propose - to all of this and taking action, which is Earth Haven - A foundation I have started to set up self-sustainable communities around the world, these communities will take care of LIFE and live in a way that benifit all life. Also with Earth Haven we will buy land and protect it for nature/life.

  1$ from each and every person here to pledge to Earth haven on Earth havens patreon page to realize the solution as in practically implementing the vision. I am pushing to get 1 Million people to each pledge 1 dollar or more, together we are strong and together we are a force to change the world if we all put our power as 1 dollar together we have a massive force. If you are ready check out Earth Haven here - https://www.patreon.com/earthhaven


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