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 Rain Water Tanks Project - Up and Running

We recently got a donation of 6 five thousand liters tanks from Mike Macdonald, Canada.

Thus we had to push, this meant, getting in help (labor) to start laying out the areas and leveling the ground to stand the tanks on. This is an essential part, before placing the tanks where they will be located to collect water. as each tank can hold 5000L of water, the pressure of the tank on the ground can push the tank to stand skew if the surface isn't leveled, and that's not all. with the weight of the tank, it is essential to make sure the surface it is standing on can actually give the tanks way to push and level themselves into the ground gently, without any rocks that can potentially damage the tank from underneath.  Also to always consider is the weather, if it is possible to work on the specific project that day depending on what requires to be done. this consideration is very important.

As this was a quick job we had to do, we weren't able to install them within their utmost potential - this is building platforms first that stands at least 60cm above ground. This is to have easy access to the water outlet to fill bottles and to add a tap, and most of all, to have gravity that helps with pressure to move the water around.

We did this quick job on the tanks and securing all basics to place them and install them, due to drought in our area and water/rainfall being limited, and winter coming soon where we will have no rain. The tanks have already filled (all six of them) about 10cm. This isn't a lot at all, but more rain is predicted in the times to come. so hopefully we will have water collected in that time for when we set our first Greenhouse Tunnel. This is estimated to be by next month. so stay tuned for the exciting times ahead.

Here are the things to consider in terms of practicality and Price.

Each Tank costs around R4500 to R5500. We got six donated.

Delivery isn't always Free - thus a cost to consider, out of the quotes we got, delivery is estimated around R3000 for these six tanks. But we were lucky and got the delivery for free, due to doing MORE research and not just accepting the first thing that was given to us.

Labour - Here you have to consider labor, if you are going to install the tanks alone, it will take you about a month if not more to do it all properly with stands. and thus a lot of time not spend on anything else.  So, always consider, who can help and that needs help financially, and see if your money can also support someone else while supporting you to get something done that will support a lot more things if done correctly and in time. Thus here in SA for this type of labor and current budget - I myself and two other guys were working on these tanks for 5 days - this is R750 each. Thus labor was R2250.

Transport - After the delivery of the tanks and placing them where they will be standing to collect water, you need to now connect them. thus transport into town and finding all the equipment you need, after taking the measurements and looking at the requirements in terms of pipes, connections, cutters and so forth. use common sense and ask a specialist, just make sure you know the measurements and distances between the tanks and the pipes to work from. Transport for a day trip costs - R200

Extra equipment - piping - the piping after all the measurements and finding the pipes and connections needed for 6 tanks - R1100

Here is the complete work.

Pipes are connected, everything
ng is sealed and leveled. The roofs that will be filling the Tanks are huge, this roof filling these three tanks is 200 square meters. Three more thanks are connected to another building with a roof almost the same size. These tanks will serve as winter reserves for drinking water, cooking water, and to water as many trees and plants as possible, plus running our soon to come Greenhouse Tunnel (which will be 12m by 9m and 3.6m high)

This project in total cost was R30550, which is around 2262$ thus far. 

 We still need to Build Shade covers over the tanks, this si to protect the tanks even more from sun and weather damage to help them last even longer than 25 years. This will be additional costs in the future, we also need to fence off each section with tanks to protect the pipes from any possible damages that can come in, such as children playing by the pipes, and even horses that will be grazing in our yards from time to time. this will add an additional cost.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have learned something, showing the practicality and the process of this one project to make it real for everyone to see what is actually involved in becoming self-sustainable. Money is obviously a big factor, and I have realized that this direction is still only for the Elite within this world. which is truly sad, and thus with each and every Earth Haven, we will set up self-sustainable communities that will GIVE to those that can not afford these things to better their lives and to live a life that supports the environment.

Please join Earth Haven, make your pledge and let us grow together. more such blogs and vlogs will be coming up to learn from as we progress in projects and the funding supports all the projects, till the mission is accomplished and then we can move on to the Vision. visit The fundraising page and see what the Mission is, and the Vision here - https://patreon.com/user?u=4404004


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